Government Firmly Committed to Moving Forward with Amazigh Officialization – Gov’t Chief –

The government is firmly committed to move forward in the officialization of the Amazigh language in full consistency with the High Royal Instructions and the organic law 26.12 setting the stages of implementation of the official character of the Amazigh language and the modalities of its integration in education and in the various priority sectors of public life, the Head of government Aziz Akhannouch said on Thursday. At the beginning of the Government Council meeting, Akhannouch called on members of the government to work effectively to contribute to the operationalization of this project and meet all the conditions and mobilize all the material, human and logistical resources for its success, stressing the need for coordination and convergence to achieve the expected goals within the time limits set out in the roadmap drawn by the Executive. “We take the opportunity of the Amazigh New Year to consolidate the implementation of the officialization of Amazigh as a priority of the government’s work,” said Akhannouch, announcing “the launch early this week of projects enshrining the Amazigh in the administrations and public institutions to guide users of public service speaking Amazigh and facilitate their access to benefits in the fields of health, justice and culture. He recalled that a large budget has been mobilized for the next four years to support Amazigh activities, art exhibitions and initiatives to enhance the tangible and intangible heritage of the Amazigh culture. It was also decided to generalize the use of the Amazigh language in the administrations and on the various signs and means of public mobility and websites, added the head of government. Akhannouch also said that it was proceeded, in partnership with the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, to the design of an approach to translate into Amazigh the legislative and regulatory texts of general order appearing in the Official Gazette.