House of Representatives: Development Dynamics in Southern Provinces Highlighted

The dynamics of development and human rights in the southern provinces of the Kingdom was highlighted during a study day organized Thursday by the Socialist group in the House of Representatives. President of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC), Ahmed Réda Chami, and president of the National Human Rights Council (CNDH), Amina Bouayach gave, on this occasion, two presentations on the multidimensional achievements in terms of development in the southern provinces, especially in the context of the new development model dedicated to these provinces, which places the human element at the heart of its concerns. In his presentation, Chami said that several objectives were identified during the development of the draft development model of the southern provinces, including the establishment of a framework for integrated and sustainable human development, the break with the short-term strategy and the adoption of the principles of sustainability. This also includes, he added, the creation of wealth and employment opportunities through the promotion of private investment and the reform of the welfare system to make it more equitable and efficient. The draft development model includes a new vision, based on the establishment of an independent economic and social dynamics, as well as the reduction of inequalities and the development of an integrated momentum in full respect of cultural and regional heritage, said Chami. Regarding the legal developments in the southern provinces, CNDH president stressed that Morocco has voluntarily decided to reflect the interaction of the will of the state with regard to the various community and national dynamics to ensure the conditions of democratic transition, to address the management of human rights in all regions, including the southern provinces, and to apply the bases of transitional justice and this through repairing the damage, revealing the truth and preserving the memory.