AU PSC: Morocco for Lasting Solution in Libya – Diplomat –

Ambassador Mohamed Arrouchi, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the African Union (AU) and the UNECA, highlighted the efforts made by the Kingdom for a lasting solution to the Libyan crisis during a meeting, Wednesday in Addis Ababa, of the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) devoted to the situation in this country. The Kingdom of Morocco, thanks to its foreign policy based on the principles of maintaining international peace and security, its experience and its capital of trust, credibility and brotherhood between the Libyan and Moroccan peoples, has been able to play a key role in the process of negotiations for the resolution of the Libyan conflict, said Arrouchi. Indeed, since the outbreak of the Libyan crisis, Morocco has been at the side of Libya and its national institutions to provide support and help it out of the crisis, without interfering, either closely or remotely, in the Libyan conflict, reiterated the Moroccan diplomat during this meeting held by video conference. The efforts made by Morocco for the resolution of this conflict are manifested by the hosting of the process of reconciliation of the divergent points of view between the Libyan parties, leading, on December 17, 2015, to the Skhirat agreement, under the auspices of the United Nations. The said agreement remains, to date, the credible basis for a lasting political solution for Libya as well as the only framework to allow an honorable exit from the Libyan crisis, stressed Arrouchi. The success of the Skhirat agreement, the meetings of Bouznika and other initiatives aimed at resolving the Libyan crisis, lies in particular in the rigorous application of the principle of positive neutrality of the Kingdom of Morocco and non-interference in the internal affairs of Libya to ensure respect for the territorial integrity of this brotherly country, noted the Moroccan diplomat. On the instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, Morocco supports the inter-Libyan negotiation efforts, by offering to the Libyan protagonists a space for exchange and dialogue according to a pragmatic and peaceful approach mutually acceptable by the Libyan stakeholders, said Arrouchi, recalling in this sense the determinants that explain the uniqueness of the Moroccan position, which is based on support for the national unity and territorial sovereignty of Libya. Morocco remains committed to “peaceful solutions, by Libyans and for Libyans, far from any foreign interference or military solution”, added the Moroccan diplomat.