Conference-Debate on EP’s Hostile Attacks Against Morocco Kicks Off in Parliament

The conference-debate devoted to the hostile, blatant and repeated attacks against Morocco by the European Parliament (EP) kicked off Wednesday at the headquarters of Parliament. This meeting, organized by the two Houses of the Parliament, will examine the basis of methodical attacks and misleading aggressions by the EP against the Kingdom in a systematic and assumed way. This conference is attended by parliamentarians, representatives of civil society, experts and lawyers, who will address the instrumentalization of the human rights issue, the targets against the territorial integrity of the Kingdom or the underhanded exploitation of the Pegasus affair as on the agenda of the EP. It should be noted that Morocco’s Parliament had announced, in a joint statement of its two Houses on January 23, its decision to reconsider its relations with the European Parliament by subjecting them to an overall assessment, aimed at taking firm and appropriate decisions, following the latest positions of the European Parliament towards Morocco. In this regard, the Parliament had decided to create an ad-hoc thematic committee devoted to the re-assessment of relations with the EP and composed of representatives of both Houses of Parliament.