Morocco, Poland Set to Promote Bilateral Relations

The strengthening of bilateral and multilateral relations was the focus of a meeting held Tuesday in Warsaw between speaker of the House of Advisors, Enaam Mayara, and the Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau. Mayara welcomed, during this meeting, the strength of political relations between the Kingdom and Poland, which share a set of values related to democracy, the promotion of peace, security and stability and the achievement of development at regional and international levels. He called, in this sense, to further develop these relations to raise them to the rank of multidimensional strategic partnership, taking into account the economic and development aspects, especially since Morocco and Poland have great potential and opportunities for cooperation and joint investment in all areas. Regarding the issue of the kingdom’s territorial integrity, the speaker of the House of Advisors welcomed the stance of positive neutrality of Poland vis-à-vis the question of the Moroccan Sahara, noting that Warsaw supports the efforts of the United Nations and its Secretary General, to find a peaceful solution to this issue in compliance with the relevant Security Council resolutions. Mayara also stressed the need to resolve this artificial conflict that hinders regional development and poses a real threat to stability and security in the region, giving the fact that the Sahel region is infested by terrorism and organized crime. He also commended the convergence of views between the two parties on regional, continental and international issues, in particular the strengthening of peace, stability and the principle of good neighborliness, respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States and non-interference in internal affairs, as well as the settlement of conflicts through dialogue and negotiations. Concerning relations between Morocco and the European Union (EU), the official reiterated the commitment of Morocco to the strategic partnership between the two parties, noting that the EU has devoted, in its new agenda for the southern Mediterranean neighborhood, the centrality of the distinguished partnership with Morocco, “partner of Europe for shared prosperity”. For his part, Rau said that Morocco is an important partner for Poland in Africa and the Arab world, considering that bilateral relations are promising and imbued with the common desire to achieve a more comprehensive cooperation and an advanced partnership. He emphasized the pioneering role of the Kingdom in key issues on the regional agenda, including the fight against terrorism, organized crime and illegal immigration, achieving international peace and security and sustainable development. On the parliamentary level, the Minister praised the quality of relations between the House of Advisors and the Polish Senate, saying he was convinced of the role of legislative institutions in bringing people together. Referring to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, he reaffirmed the support of his country to the constructive efforts made by the Kingdom to find a solution to this artificial conflict, calling to combine efforts to address regional challenges and strengthen international cooperation for development and stability. During his visit to Poland, Mayara also met with Polish Minister of State for Foreign Investment to discuss the prospects for bilateral economic cooperation and support for investment. The two sides stressed the need to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to both countries to strengthen and expand their cooperation to encompass all areas of common interest, especially renewable energy, environment, trade, agriculture, automotive industry, logistics and health infrastructure, calling on this occasion to put in place a legal framework adapted to these ambitions.