Moroccan Delegation to HRC Debunks Algeria’s False Accusations

The Moroccan delegation to the Human Rights Council (HRC) on Wednesday refuted Algeria’s false accusations, denouncing its reckless policy of escaping consequences, by exploiting human rights demands. Exercising its right of reply in the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council, the Moroccan delegation highlighted the crude political nature of a statement made by an isolated group of countries at the request of Algeria. If there is a lesson to be learned from this politically motivated approach, it is that the representative of the Algerian regime is visibly unwilling to change his temperament, despite being now a member of the Human Rights Council, the delegation said. According to the same source, Algeria continues to devote its full attention to purely political objectives that “divide and serve to create vain and unnecessary controversies.” The delegation further emphasized that the statement instigated by the representative of the Algerian regime is a tissue of lies, with a truncated and false reading of the Security Council resolutions, which Algeria refuses to implement, as the party primarily involved in creating and maintaining the regional dispute over the Sahara. Only the Algerian delegation, out of more than 150, is raising this issue, thus revealing to the international community its undeclared intentions and its duplicity, which no longer deceives anyone, said the Moroccan delegation. “How could a country that is a new member of the Human Rights Council allow itself, from the beginning of its mandate, to dissolve the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights, without its knowledge and without a trial?” the Moroccan delegation asked. The Moroccan delegation affirmed that the false and unfounded accusations cannot hide the shameful reality of massive human rights violations in Algeria and asked the representative of the Algerian regime two questions that reveal the true face of the country in aspects other than the art of propaganda that it masters. How can peaceful demonstrators and political opposition bodies be accused of terrorist crimes in 2023? the Moroccan delegation wondered about the new law that broadens the definition of the crime of terrorism in the penal code. The delegation also wondered “how Algeria can explain the systematic expulsion of our sub-Saharan migrant brothers from its territory, following forced arrests, in violation of all principles and conventions protecting the human rights of migrants?” Finally, the Moroccan delegation invited its Algerian counterpart to refrain from any manipulative tactics and to invest more in the work of the Council, to fully play its role as a member, instead of making the Kingdom of Morocco the only item on the agenda.