CNDP to Hear on Friday International Specialist in Strategic Intelligence, Invites Canadian Citizen Lab for Hearing

As part of the hearings on the unproven technical allegations made by Citizen Lab, Amnesty International and Forbidden Stories, the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP) announced that it will hear this Friday an international specialist in strategic intelligence focusing on the impact of malicious cyber interference, related to intrusive actions, and on the prevalence of geo-economic conflicts. This hearing will focus on the theme of ethical rules relating to the problems of attribution (activity allowing to attribute responsibilities after observations of technical traces), the CNDP in a statement said Thursday. Continuing to advance on studying documents provided by Amnesty International, the CNDP has, in the same spirit, sent an invitation for a hearing to the Citizen Lab, stating that it remains open to holding working meetings with other entities interested in the subject. The Commission recalls, in this sense, that the first hearings held with national and international experts have noted the importance of work on the technical side to understand the various mechanisms, according to a dispassionate approach, impartial and far from any preconceived ideas, noting that this dynamic begins to bear fruit and its first results will be made public as soon as they are finalized. The first hearings held with national and international experts have also highlighted the importance of the establishment, as announced in Tangier on February 25, 2023, of an international network to define regulations for the ethical use of technologies.  The CNDP continues, in order to prepare its conclusions, to exchange with national and international experts and to study different reports and testimonies, according to the scientific, technical and ethical standards of use, concludes the statement.