CORCAS President Speaks with Dominican Republic’s Lower House Speaker

Royal Consultative Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) President Khalihenna Ould Errachid met, on Wednesday in Rabat, with Alfredo Pacheco Osoria, speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic, who is currently visiting Morocco until April 29, at the head of an important parliamentary delegation. In a statement to MAP, Pacheco Osoria said that during this interview he received, along with the delegation accompanying him, “a huge enlightenment on the issue of Morocco’s sovereignty over the entire Sahara area”, stressing that the Dominican Republic “has always and now much more supported Morocco in all the sovereignty over the Sahara”. He added that this visit is “extremely important”, as it allowed the delegation to have “a much broader vision” on the Moroccan Sahara issue. The President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic affirmed, in this regard, that his country “has always recognized the sovereignty of Morocco over the Sahara area”, before pointing out that his country “has some decisions to take and that it is pondering”. The President of the House of Representatives of the Dominican Republic and the delegation accompanying him will hold talks with other Moroccan officials and will make field visits to learn about the major projects carried out by the Kingdom.