Achieving Gender Equality in Justice Sector, One of Major Challenges Today (Official)

The achievement of gender equality in the justice sector remains one of the major challenges to be met today, stressed Thursday in Marrakech, the prosecutor general of the King at the Court of Cassation, president of the Public Prosecution Office, El Hassan Daki.

The strengthening of women’s representation in the judiciary is of paramount importance because of its link with gender issues and protection of categories, said Daki, at the 16th Congress of the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ), held under the theme “Women judges: achievements and challenges”.

The presence of women in the judicial sector is also a source of inspiration for the rising generations of women judges to release their full potential and realize their pioneering roles in the field of justice, the goal being the protection of rights and freedoms and the enshrinement of the principle of equality before the law and the guarantee of independence of the judiciary, he added.

“The Moroccan woman has been a pioneer in the Arab world in terms of access to the profession of female judge, since the first woman judge was appointed in this position a few years after the recovery of independence, and since then, she has continued to accumulate several pioneering experiences that have enabled her to occupy prominent positions in the justice sector,” he underlined, noting that these achievements have helped to remove stereotypes, which prevented women from unleashing their potential and accessing education and the labor market.

The justice sector in Morocco is characterized by the permanent growth of the representation of women judges, whose number amounts to 1,093, which represents 26% of the third of all judges, exercising their judicial missions in the different categories and levels (Public Prosecution Office, Courts of first instance, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation), he stressed.

MAP: 12 mai 2023