Parliament Speakers to EP President: ‘Unique Morocco-EU Partnership Commits Us to Act with Respect and Determination’

The unique partnership between Morocco and the EU “commits us to act with respect and determination,” stressed the speakers of the Moroccan parliament’s two chambers, Rachid Talbi El Alami and Enaam Mayara. The Moroccan officials’ statement came in response to European Parliament (EP) President Roberta Metsola’s letter noting “a common will to ensure in all circumstances the continuation of dialogue between our respective legislative institutions, in the interest, well understood, of the strategic partnership between Morocco and the EU.” “This unique partnership commits us to act with respect and determination in favor of the development of relations between the political formations that make up our nations, through the institutions that emanate from them – the Moroccan Parliament and the European Parliament,” they pointed out in this missive. Pointing out that both Morocco and the EU countries have developed a positive agenda and pioneering joint actions, both bilaterally and in concertation in multilateral forums, Talbi El Alami and Mayara specified that the partnership between the Kingdom and the EU is enriched by these achievements. “It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to preserve them.” After having recalled that the resolution of January 19 and subsequent developments have had a profound impact on the image of the European Parliament among all the living forces of the Moroccan Nation, they stressed that they had been surprised, “while we thought we saw in your letter a potential for dialogue”, by the unfair positions adopted in the draft of the report on “foreign interference in all democratic processes of the European Union; including disinformation”, established on May 15, 2023 by the Special Committee on “Interference and Disinformation and on Strengthening Integrity” (ING2) in the European Parliament. “As you know, this draft will be put to a vote at the next plenary session of the European Parliament. Judging by its inquisitorial content and hostile recommendations, this draft, if adopted, will damage any positive prospects between our two institutions,” warned the presidents of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors. In view of this, “we call upon the sense of responsibility expressed in your letter, and invite you to give effect to your decision to appoint the European component of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, so that this committee – through its Moroccan and European co-chairs – can meet immediately and quickly agree on a favorable outcome.” Talbi El Alami and Mayara pointed out that “if our partnership is intended to overcome difficult issues, it must be noted that what we find all too often in the remarks and documents issued by the European Parliament with regard to Morocco goes beyond the scope of constructive criticism, and is openly part of an unfair and unfounded offensive.” According to the two officials, “the necessary exchanges that drive dialogue between our political communities must be accompanied by a relationship worthy of the citizens they serve.” “It is in the hope of conferring an ever stronger dynamic to the relationship that unites our institutions that today it is imperative to engage in a frank debate on all issues of mutual interest,” maintained the speakers of the two Chambers of the Moroccan Parliament, affirming that it is decidedly necessary that relations concerning a partner country reflect reality and that they can be anchored on the healthy foundations offered by a truly balanced dialogue. To this end, “we are ready to discuss with you the ways forward and to receive the most positive indications regarding the development of our cooperation.”