Morocco’s Strategic Position Offers South American Countries Access to Markets on African Continent – Mercosur Parliament Pres. –

Morocco’s strategic position offers South American countries access to various markets on the African continent, said, on Friday in Rabat, president of the Parliament of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), Ruben Anibal Bacigalupe. In a statement to MAP following talks with chairwoman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs and Moroccan Expatriates, Bacigalupe noted that Morocco’s qualitative rise in development is a model to follow in several areas. The president of the Mercosur Parliament said that the talks provided an opportunity to explore prospects for economic cooperation and trade between the two parties, stressing that his visit is aimed at strengthening and deepening Morocco’s diplomatic relations with the member countries of this regional economic grouping. For her part, Nadia Bouaida affirmed that the meeting with the president of the Mercosur Parliament and the accompanying delegation, made up of members of the Parliament’s executive board, was an opportunity to praise the economic integration of the countries making up this bloc, noting that this experience of integration “bringing together emerging and influential countries in the world economy, should serve as a model for the construction of economic groupings, particularly in the era of globalization”. She pointed out that the meeting had enabled members of the Mercosur parliamentary delegation to learn about Morocco’s achievements in recent years in a number of areas, including industrial acceleration, agriculture and renewable energies, as well as management of the water crisis and migration issues. The meeting also examined ways of developing parliamentary relations, coordinating international efforts and promoting democracy and human rights.