Saudi Arabia Commends Morocco’s Efforts to Bring Libyan Dialogue to Successful Conclusion

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has commended “the efforts of the brotherly Kingdom of Morocco to make a success of the dialogue and reach a compromise, with a view to achieving a political settlement in Libya.” In a statement issued on Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the announcement by the “6+6” joint commission set up by the Libyan House of Representatives and High Council of State, that its members had reached a compromise on the laws governing Libya’s presidential and parliamentary elections, following their meetings in Bouznika on June 6-7. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed “Saudi Arabia’s hope that the Libyan parties will officially sign the electoral laws, as an important step towards ending the crisis and strengthening security and stability, and that Libya will play an active and influential role in its regional and international environment, in the service of the brotherly Libyan people’s aspirations for development and prosperity.” On Tuesday, the “6+6” joint commission announced that, after two weeks of meetings in Morocco, its members had reached a compromise on the laws governing the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for the end of the year. The Bouznika meeting is a continuation of the series of meetings hosted by the Kingdom, bringing together the various Libyan parties with a view to deepening dialogue on the ways and means of resolving the crisis in the country, following an approach that provides the right space for dialogue and constructive consultation.