Morocco, ‘Central’ Player in Relations between Africa, Europe – Belgian Pundit

Morocco is a “central” player in relations between Europe and Africa, said constitutional expert and member of Belgium’s Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts, Francis Delperée. In a statement to MAP news agency, on the sidelines of a conference in Liège on the Moroccan-Belgian partnership, the expert stressed that the Kingdom constitutes a “bridge linking the two continents, which is of great importance to all.” According to Delperée, who is also Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of Leuven and President of the “Friends of Morocco” Association, the Kingdom, which is experiencing economic and social growth, is “sufficiently qualified, geographically, politically and economically, to become a link between the European and African continents.” Morocco offers Belgian and European economic players in general significant opportunities to develop their performance and conclude partnerships in various fields, he added. Beyond its beautiful tourist sites, charming beaches and spectacular landscapes, Morocco is a country of socio-economic development and cultural renaissance, noted the expert, who said he felt “a great love for the Kingdom.” He also praised the Moroccan community’s qualitative contribution to Belgium’s progress, welcoming the Moroccan diaspora’s attachment to their country of origin. The meeting, attended by Morocco’s ambassador to Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Mohamed Amer, and Belgian diplomats, political and economic figures, was marked by speeches highlighting Morocco’s potential in various fields and the real guarantees the Kingdom offers for the development of investment and trade between the two countries.