Tarascon Court’s Ruling Is Humiliating Defeat for Morocco’s Enemies – FIAC

The ruling issued by the Tarascon court (France) is a humiliating defeat inflicted on the enemies of Morocco’s territorial integrity, said the president of the Interprofessional Federation of Cereal Activities (FIAC), Jamal M’Hamdi. “I am delighted, as a Moroccan and in my capacity as FIAC President, at this latest victory for the national cause and the humiliating defeat inflicted on the enemies of our territorial integrity,” he told MAP. M’Hamdi also congratulated IDYL company for putting an end to this masquerade orchestrated by agitators serving the interests of the ‘polisario’. This judgement is a further recognition of the Moroccan nature of the Sahara,” he added. Moroccan agriculture, from Tangier to Lagouira, supported by the ambitious “Generation Green” strategy, reflects the Kingdom’s capacity and its export performance, he said, assuring that professionals “will fight by law any person or organization that would obstruct us or call into question our territorial integrity.” On Tuesday, the Tarascon Court issued a ruling condemning the Confédération Paysanne, which sought to prohibit IDYL, a French company specializing in the marketing of fruit and vegetables from Morocco, including the Southern Provinces, from distributing its products. Instrumentalized by the “polisario” and its relays in France, this French trade union organization was acting for the judicial harassment of the Morocco-EU Agricultural Agreement.