Morocco Unanimously Chosen to Host Observatory, Integrated Platform for Arab World’s Media Content

Morocco was unanimously chosen to host the headquarters of the Observatory and the integrated platform dedicated to examining media content relevant to the Arab world, a decision taken at the 53rd session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers held Wednesday in Rabat. At a press conference following the session, Ambassador Ahmed Rachid Khattabi, Assistant Secretary General in charge of the Media and Communications Department of the League of Arab States, said that Morocco had been chosen because of its experience in the media field, adding that the new observatory aims to take advantage of media technologies to monitor and defend the values of the Arab world, including the promotion of tolerance, moderation and the fight against extremism. This mechanism aims to provide a tangible dimension to the strategic Arab action plan, particularly concerning the Palestinian cause, preserve Arab identity and heritage, fight against terrorism, ensure comprehensive coverage of Arab news, he said, adding that the establishment of this observatory will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Arab action plan. Regarding the organizational aspect, Khattabi highlighted the significance of the Moroccan presidency, represented by Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, underlining that this session embodies the Kingdom’s contributions to the media sector and its support for joint Arab efforts. For his part, Bensaid expressed his satisfaction with the achievements of the 53rd session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, which resulted in significant decisions pertaining to the media sector, assuring that Morocco’s primary goal is to exchange experiences with other Arab nations. The Minister affirmed the kingdom’s endorsement of the meeting’s resolutions, particularly those concerning the strategy for negotiations with major digital companies, believing that transforming this challenge into a shared objective will strengthen Arab countries’ negotiating power in dealing with these corporations. The 53rd session of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information, held from June 19 to 21 in Rabat, examined a series of themes, including continued support for the Palestinian cause, with occupied Al-Quds in the lead, and follow-up on the Arab media abroad action plan, including the Observatory and integrated platform project.