Statement by the Spokesman of the Royal Palace

Here follows a statement by the Spokesman of the Royal Palace: “The glorious Revolution of the King and the People, whose anniversary Moroccans celebrate every year on August 20, is a historic epic that embodies the strong symbiosis and unwavering bonds still uniting the Throne and the People. The significance of this memorable anniversary cannot be measured by speeches and celebrations alone, but it is an anniversary so dear to the hearts of all Moroccans, King and People alike, embodying the values of sacrifice and loyalty between a King who preferred exile to renouncing the sovereignty and freedom of his Homeland, and a valiant people who mobilized to defend its sacredness and sacrificed everything dear to them for the return of their rightful King to the Throne. Given that the anniversary of the glorious Revolution of the King and the People comes a few days after the Speech of the Throne and before the Royal Speech at the opening of Parliament, and in the light of experience in this regard, it has been decided to continue celebrating the anniversary of the memorable Revolution of August 20, without a Royal Speech being addressed to the Nation on this occasion. Likewise, His Majesty the King, in His capacity as Amir Al-Mouminine (Commander of the Faithful) and Sovereign of the country, reserves the Decision to address His faithful people at any time and on any occasion that His Majesty the King, may God preserve Him, deems appropriate.   The continued commemoration of this cherished anniversary as a national holiday will remain a shining beacon in the History of Morocco, with all that its symbolism requires in terms of celebrations and academic, cultural, artistic, sporting and other events, in all regions of the Kingdom.”