Recognizing Morocco’s Sovereignty over Sahara Is ‘the Right Thing to Do’ – Member of House of Lords –

Member of the British House of Lords, Stuart Polak, welcomed, on Tuesday, the Israeli government’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, deeming it “the right thing to do”. “This recognition is a good sign and we are going to encourage the British government to do the same,” Lord Polak told MAP. He recently visited the city of Laâyoune as part of a delegation of British Conservative MPs from the House of Lords, with a view to obtaining information and seeing at first hand the socio-economic development dynamics underway in the region. Along with my colleagues, “we were impressed by the Moroccan government’s investments in this region and understood the situation on the ground,” noted Lord Polack, describing his experience. Lord Polak’s statement echoes other reactions from leading British figures, such as Conservative MP Liam Fox, who tweeted just after the decision was announced: “Fantastic news for the Abraham Accords and future peace in the Middle East. Britain should follow suit.” A statement from the Royal Office announced on Monday that His Majesty King Mohammed VI had received a letter from the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he brought to the Sovereign’s Very High Attention his country’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara. In this respect, the Israeli Prime Minister indicated that his country’s position would be “reflected in all relevant acts and documents of the Israeli Government.” He also stressed that the decision would be “transmitted to the United Nations, to regional and international organizations of which Israel is a member, and to all countries with which Israel maintains diplomatic relations.” In his letter to the Sovereign, the Israeli Prime Minister informed that Israel is positively considering “the opening of a consulate in the city of Dakhla,” as part of the implementation of this State decision.