Moroccan Sahara: Israel’s Recognition to Strengthen Security, Stability in North Africa – Israeli Institute

Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara will strengthen security, stability and development in North Africa, said Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) Director General Yechiel Leiter. “At the multilateral level, this recognition strengthens regional and global security, weakens terrorist and separatist movements as well as Iranian penetration in the West African region,” Leiter told MAP, recalling Morocco’s strong involvement in counter-terrorism efforts and its effective contribution to thwarting numerous terrorist operations targeting European countries in particular. He added that on a bilateral level, Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara “will strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two countries and increase the level of trust, which is a very important element in the development of exemplary relations in various economic, social and tourism fields, among others.” Hailing the enlightened vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and his firm commitment to Morocco’s development, the JCPA director pointed out that “observers can clearly see the difference between what Morocco has achieved in terms of development and prosperity in various fields and what other countries in the region are experiencing.” “I can only applaud His Majesty the King’s policy of justice and peace, imbued with human values, which makes Him an Islamic, African and even world leader,” he continued. In addition, Leiter expressed his conviction that this recognition “will open various opportunities to develop relations between the two countries, which will become more intense and active in the fields of investment, trade, technology transfer, as well as tripartite cooperation with African countries, particularly in the field of human development.