Moroccan Sahara: Israel’s Decision, ‘Strong’, ‘Clear’ Signal to International Community – Israeli Ambassadors’ Club President

The State of Israel’s decision to recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is a “strong” and “clear” signal to the international community, stressed Yitzhak Eldan, president and founder of the Israeli Ambassadors’ Club. Commenting on Israel’s recognition of the Moroccan Sahara, Eldan described it as a “very important” diplomatic step that other countries should follow, as they have already done. “This is a diplomatic breakthrough for Morocco, a decision of historic significance that will strengthen international recognition of the Kingdom’s sovereignty over its Sahara,” the former ambassador to the Council of Europe, UNESCO and Denmark said in a statement to MAP. Through the voice of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel has promised to make every effort to ensure that this “well-considered” decision is conveyed to the international organizations of which it is a member, as well as to all countries with which it maintains diplomatic relations, the former Israeli ambassador added. Stressing the importance of supporting the Kingdom in such an important matter, Mr. Eldan welcomed this recognition, which will support the Moroccan position and contribute to the development of “positive” relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv in a number of areas, particularly in the field of investment, by encouraging other investors to settle in the southern provinces. According to him, an Israeli diplomatic presence in Dakhla will promote economic relations and investments in the region, thus consolidating Morocco’s position as the “gateway to Africa”. While praising the Moroccan model of coexistence, the former ambassador expressed the hope that Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara “could bring peace to the region.”