House of Representatives: Second Session of 2022-2023 Legislative Year Wraps up

The House of Representatives wrapped up, on Monday, the second session of the 2022-2023 legislative year of the eleventh legislature (2021-2026). Speaking on this occasion, speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi El Alami, said that this session was marked by the legislative framework of reforms, the monitoring of government action and the evaluation of public policies, with an emphasis on the priorities of the national agenda. Referring to parliamentary diplomacy and foreign relations, Talbi Alami explained that the House of Representatives had continued its active and influential presence at multilateral international, continental and regional parliamentary forums, with the aim of consolidating its proactive and innovative approach to events, crises and issues affecting international relations. After highlighting the important international events organized by the Moroccan Parliament, Talbi El Alami stressed the need to recall certain constants that guide the legislative institution in the current context, explaining that it is a matter of reiterating its categorical rejection of the allegations emanating from certain European institutions, notably the European Parliament, in the form of defamation and denigration of Morocco. These practices conceal “the anger of part of the political spectrum of this institution in the face of our country’s success and distinguished positioning”, he pointed out, stressing the need for dialogue with the political authorities of this institution, within a framework of mutual respect, equality, commitment and honesty. Talbi Alami also noted that the diversification of Morocco’s partnerships and the securing of its national interests and strategic choices constitute “an inalienable sovereign right”, adding that “the attempt to cover up interference in our internal affairs by blatant allegations and the creation of crises is no longer credible with reasonable politicians and members of the international community”. On the other hand, the speaker of the House of Representatives affirmed that “the national cause and any position concerning it is the main criterion to be taken into consideration in our international relations.” Talbi El Alami noted, in this sense, that the issue of territorial integrity is and will remain at the forefront of the lower house’s action in terms of foreign relations, adding that “we will remain vigilant to defend this cause and dismantle the stories fabricated by the enemies on the basis of deception and distortion of historical facts”.