Earthquake: Parliament’s Finance Committees to Hold Joint Meeting Monday for Informing about Opening Special Bank Account

The two parliamentary finance committees will hold a joint meeting on Monday devoted to informing on the opening of a special bank account with the Treasury, called the “Special Account for Managing the Effects of the Earthquake in the Kingdom of Morocco”. The Finance and Economic Development Committee of the House of Representatives and the Finance, Planning and Economic Development Committee of the House of Councillors will hold a joint information meeting on Monday, September 11, 2023 at noon at the headquarters of the House of Representatives, to discuss the opening of a special account with the Treasury under the title “Special account dedicated to managing the effects of the earthquake in the Kingdom of Morocco”, says a press release from the two Houses of parliament. The meeting will be held in accordance with the provisions of article 70 of the Constitution and article 26 of the Organic Law on Finance, the same source added.