Mediator of the Kingdom Meets with President of National Coordination of Italian Ombudsmen

The Mediator of the Kingdom, Mohamed Benalilou, held talks on Tuesday in Rabat with president of the National Coordination of Italian Ombudsmen and Mediator of the Lazio region, Marino Fardelli. The convergence of positions and the exchange of points of view on the subject of Mediators and Ombudsmen were on the agenda of these talks held on the sidelines of a joint training session between the Association of Francophone Ombudsmen and Mediators (AOMF) and the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM), organized by the Mediation Training and Exchange Center hosted by the Institution of the Mediator of the Kingdom. During the meeting, topics of common interest were discussed, as well as future cooperation and coordination in a number of areas falling within the prerogatives of the Ombudsmen and Mediator Institutions, Benalilou told MAP. The talks were also an opportunity to discuss the training session, with a view to reaching a convergence of positions on its conclusions, he added.