Morocco Adopts Exemplary Proactive Policy for Health Sector Digitalization to Improve Healthcare – Govt. Head –

The government has adopted an exemplary proactive policy for the digitalization of the health sector to improve healthcare and optimize the use of available means to guarantee the efficiency of interventions and the reduction of their costs, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch said on Monday. Speaking at the House of Representatives’ question time, Akhannouch underlined that this proactive policy comes ahead of the pressure on the health system, following the generalization of compulsory health insurance. In this regard, he noted that the government measures have contributed to develop and implement the integrated hospital IT system in public hospitals in all the kingdom’s regions, in addition to the continued development of the platform project linking IT systems and hospitals under the Health ministry through a national database. Akhannouch stressed that the government will continue in 2024 the implementation of the components of this project through the generalization of the integrated hospital IT system in all regions and the IT program relating to primary health care facilities, in addition to the entry into force of the shared medical file. This is a new integrated vision for upgrading the health system, in implementation of the High Royal Guidelines, while respecting the commitments of the 2021-2026 government program, Akhannouch said, adding that the objective of the government is to reduce the cost of health care. He also pointed out that these services are mainly intended for people suffering from chronic illnesses, vulnerable categories and the elderly. Akhannouch noted that in accordance with the agenda set by HM the King, the government has succeeded in generalizing social coverage to all Moroccans, despite a difficult national and international situation. The government has established a health care model worthy of Moroccans, thanks to a social revolution based on solidarity and cohesion, the Head of Government said, adding that the Government will mobilize all the necessary financial resources to establish an efficient national health system. The overall budget allocated to the health and social protection sector for 2024 is around 30.949 billion dirhams, an increase of 55% compared to 2021, he recalled, pointing out that the government will continue the implementation, in 2024, of structuring projects to guarantee the national sovereignty and strategic security of the Kingdom in priority areas, notably health sovereignty.