Morocco, Mexico Examine Ways of Strengthening Cooperation in Various Fields

Strengthening cooperation between Morocco and Mexico was the focus of discussions between Morocco’s ambassador to Mexico, Abdelfattah Lebbar, and president of the Mexican Senate, Ana Lilia Rivera. The talks, which took place on Thursday at the headquarters of the Mexican Senate, focused on ways of developing cooperation between the two countries in various areas of common interest, including agriculture, renewable energies and industry. Both parties affirmed that the launch of a direct airline service would contribute to the development of economic exchanges and cooperation between the Kingdom, a gateway to Africa, and the Central American and Caribbean region. Discussions also focused on coordination between the two countries to address common challenges, including irregular migration, cross-border crime and climate change. Regarding the Moroccan Sahara question, the Kingdom’s ambassador underlined the positive momentum on the issue of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity, as well as the growing international support for the Moroccan autonomy plan as a realistic and credible solution to end this artificial conflict. Trade between the two countries increased significantly between 2010 and 2020, from 105 million US dollars to over 353 million dollars. Trade consists mainly of agricultural products and fertilizers, electronic equipment, certain sea-fishing products and manufactured goods.