Government Focuses on Innovative Solutions for Rational Water Resource Management in Agriculture – Spokesperson

The government’s efforts to address the rational management of water resources in the agricultural sector amidst a significant decline in rainfall in recent years were underscored by Minister Delegatein charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, during a press briefing on Thursday. Responding to inquiries regarding the revision of agricultural policy amid water scarcity concerns, Baitas emphasized the imperative to explore innovative solutions for water usage in agriculture. These solutions should ensure the intensification of production, maintain supply at reasonable prices, and uphold employment opportunities in rural areas. Highlighting the fundamental role of water in agriculture, Baitas stressed the necessity for discussions on water usage within a calm framework. The government official also outlined the government’s proactive measures in tackling the challenges posed by declining rainfall. Notably, he mentioned the establishment of a hydraulic basin in the Dakhla region, irrigated by treated water, scheduled for 2026. This initiative follows the successful implementation of the Souss irrigated basin project, which contributed to preserving agricultural production in the region. He added that the government had implemented urgent measures to address the substantial decline in water supplies for agriculture in recent years.