Arab League Council Holds Preparatory Meeting at Foreign Ministers Level

The 161st session of the Arab League’s Council at the level of permanent delegates was held, here Monday, ahead of the meeting of the AL Council at the level of foreign ministers scheduled for Wednesday.    Speaking on this occasion, Morocco’s representative at this meeting, Kingdom’s ambassador to Cairo and permanent representative to the Arab League, Mohamed Ait Ouali, expressed his thanks to the AL Secretariat General for their support during the Kingdom’s presidency of the previous session of the AL Council, stressing that thanks to federated efforts, significant progress has been made on numerous files and the treatment of fundamental issues, with flexibility, determination and in a spirit of compromise, in accordance with the values and foundations of common Arab action.    The diplomat reviewed various issues examined by the Council during the Moroccan presidency, notably the Palestinian cause, recalling, in this regard, that, based on a firm conviction in the justness of the Palestinian cause, and on High instructions from His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco had convened, in consultation with the State of Palestine, an emergency meeting of the Arab League Council at the level of foreign ministers, on October 11, 2023.    He added that the Kingdom also chaired three emergency meetings at the level of permanent delegates on developments in the Palestinian issue, adding that other emergency meetings of the Arab League Council were held under Morocco’s presidency.    The diplomat underlined that the Kingdom of Morocco spared no effort, during its presidency of this session, to materialize Arab understanding on issues concerning the Arab region.