Gover’t Spokesman Applauds Morocco’s Three-Point Rise in Human Development Index as ‘Very Positive’

The government notes with satisfaction Morocco’s three-point advancement in the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI), Mustapha Baitas, Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, said on Thursday, describing this progress as “very positive”. Addressing this development during a press briefing on Thursday following the Government Council, Baitas emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to this extensive process and its determination to move forward until Morocco reaches the position it merits in this area. He underlined that the public policies and diverse social programs implemented by the government, in line with the High Directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, particularly the initiatives in social welfare, healthcare and education, are now yielding tangible outcomes. According to the latest Human Development Report 2023/2024 published by the United Nations Development Programme, Morocco climbed three places in the HDI rankings, advancing from 123rd to 120th. The Human Development Report also highlighted the Kingdom’s ongoing endeavors to address gender-based disparities, emphasizing the imperative to continue facilitating women’s access to education, healthcare and economic integration opportunities.