Upper House Opens 2nd Session of 2023-2024 Legislative Year

The House of Councillors opened on Friday its second session of the 2023-2024 legislative year, at a plenary session held in accordance with the provisions of article 65 of the Constitution and article 18 of the House’s rules of procedure. In a speech at the opening of this session, the Upper House Speaker, Enaam Mayara, said that the spring parliamentary session is being held in a national context marked by a sustained dynamic, punctuated by productive public debate on various issues of a socio-economic and political nature. Among these issues, Mayara cited in particular the reform of the Family Code, which has been the subject of wide-ranging consultations with the various players concerned, in application of the High Royal Guidelines calling for the adoption of a participatory approach in handling this reform project initiated by His Majesty the King. In this respect, the House of Councillors Speaker expressed his conviction that the debate surrounding the reform of the Family Code will undoubtedly lead to a comprehensive and effective reform, thus reinforcing its vital role in building a society where everyone enjoys freedom, dignity, equity and equal opportunities, and preserving the Moroccan family’s cohesion. In this context, he pointed out that Morocco has made significant progress over the past two decades in the constitutional recognition of gender equality, stressing however the need to initiate new reforms based on the gains made by our society and our legitimate aspirations for further progress and prosperity. The Upper House Speaker also noted that the period between the two parliamentary sessions had been marked by a high level of interest in moralizing of political and public life, adding that the draft Code of Ethics would be submitted to the Councillors for their approval. In the field of foreign relations and parliamentary diplomacy, Mayara reported on the continued strengthening of bilateral and multilateral parliamentary cooperation in the various geopolitical regions, with a view to defending, within the national diplomatic ecosystem, the Kingdom of Morocco’s strategic and vital issues, under the enlightened leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, in particular the Sahara issue. Mayara also spoke of the participation and contribution of the House’s permanent national sections and delegations to the various meetings held by regional, continental and international parliamentary bodies, as well as the organization of major regional and international events such as the South-South Parliamentary Dialogue Forum and the Parliamentary Conference on South-South Cooperation.