Akhannouch Links Morocco’s Achievements in Several Demains to Enlightened Royal Vision

The achievements of Morocco in the fields of constitution, democracy, development, diplomacy, and sport are the result of the enlightened Royal Vision, which has always been the foundation for the establishment of the modern state, affirmed the Head of Government, Aziz Akhannouch, in Rabat on Wednesday. In accordance with the insightful Royal Vision, Moroccan diplomacy has achieved several breakthroughs in the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, leading to successive international recognitions of the Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, which affirm the relevance of the Royal Approach in managing this artificial dispute, Akhannouch emphasized during the joint plenary session held by the House of Representatives and Councilors to present the progress report of the government’s actions in accordance with Article 101 of the Constitution. This insightful Approach aims to make the southern provinces of the Kingdom a geopolitical reference point, carrying peace, stability, and prosperity for the Euro-African region, thus mobilizing further international support for the primary national cause and the autonomy initiative, he noted. Similarly, the seriousness and solidity of the Moroccan position within the UN process also offer promising prospects for establishing the Moroccan Sahara as a “gateway” from the world to Africa and the primary passage point for economic and humanitarian flows to the subcontinent, considering the rich historical common heritage between the Kingdom and the rest of the African peoples, thus reinforcing Morocco’s strategic position in its continental environment and creating favorable conditions for attracting major global investments, he said. He also highlighted that under the wise leadership of His Majesty the King, the Kingdom is engaged in a new generation of partnerships with many brotherly and friendly countries, citing as an example Morocco’s success, alongside Spain and Portugal, in securing the joint organization of the 2030 World Cup, a renewed opportunity to strengthen cooperation and partnership with these two countries in sports, economic, and civilizational aspects. Akhannouch also recalled the signing of several agreements and the Declaration “towards an innovative, renewed, and rooted partnership between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Arab Emirates,” which present an opportunity to develop various aspects of economic, commercial, and investment cooperation between the two countries. He clarified that this dynamic has been reinforced by His Majesty the King’s announcement of an international initiative aimed at facilitating access for Sahel countries to the Atlantic Ocean, which should contribute to affirming Morocco’s African dimension. After highly praising the relevance of these Royal projects, Akhannouch expressed the full readiness and commitment of the government to mobilize its resources for effective support of these major projects, whether in terms of improving infrastructure quality or through consolidating cooperation ties with friendly and brotherly partner countries. To this end, he recalled the initiatives and positions of the Sovereign in support of the Palestinian cause, which unequivocally demonstrate that Morocco, King and people, is committed to making this issue a national cause. On another note, Akhannouch highlighted the significant position that Morocco holds on the international stage in the field of human rights, considering the election of the Kingdom to the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council as a recognition of Morocco’s efforts in human rights and a clear expression of the trust and credibility enjoyed by the Kingdom in this field. He continued that His Majesty the King’s decision to establish the Amazigh New Year as an official national paid holiday constituted a significant historic moment that will help consolidate the major achievements made in this field. Emphasizing the High Solicitude with which the Sovereign addresses women’s and family issues in general, and His constant concern to preserve family cohesion, Akhannouch recalled the Royal Letter addressed on September 26, 2023, to the Head of Government regarding the revision of the Family Code as well as the extensive consultations and participatory hearings conducted by the Body responsible for this revision with the various stakeholders concerned. The Royal High Instructions stipulated submitting the proposed amendments resulting from these extensive participatory consultations for the High appreciation of His Majesty the King, Commander of the Faithful, the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of citizens, within a maximum period of six months before the government drafts the relevant bill and submits it to parliament for adoption, he noted. In this regard, the Head of Government expressed his honor in having submitted to the High appreciation of His Majesty the King, Commander of the Faithful, the proposals of the Body responsible for the revision of the Family Code within the deadline set by the Sovereign. In conclusion, Akhannouch expressed his profound gratitude to His Majesty the King for the achievements and renaissance that Morocco has witnessed on all fronts, asserting that the government is honored to assume the responsibility for implementing the Royal High Directives.