Tindouf: Polisario accused of “serious & systematic” Human Rights Violations

Once again, the abusive acts and the crimes committed by the Polisario against the population sequestered in the Tindouf camps are denounced by human rights watchdogs, while the separatist movement, backed by Algeria, continues to impose its control on these camps with impunity.

The Moroccan League for Citizenship and Human Rights (LMCDH) slammed on Tuesday the “serious and systematic” violations of human rights committed by the Polisario in the camps of Tindouf without any prosecution or punishment.

The “legal and human rights situation is very serious in the Tindouf camps, wherein the economic, social and cultural rights of the population are violated,” said chairman of LMCDH, Driss Sedraoui.

At a press conference held to shed light on the complaint lodged by the NGO against Algeria at the African Court of Human Rights for the Human rights violations in the Tindouf camps, Driss Sedraoui said recourse to the African Court aims at exposing the human rights violations committed in the Tindouf camps and holding accountable those responsible for these crimes.

The complaint was filed against the Algerian State, which hosts the Tindouf camps where the Polisario continues to perpetrate its crimes under the pretext that it defends the independence of the Sahara provinces in southern Morocco.

This complaint, deposited at the court’s clerk’s office, decries the various abuses endured by the Saharawi population in Tindouf. These abuses include civil and political rights restrictions, abductions, enforced disappearances and restrictions of freedom of expression, press, travel …

The LMCDH chairman cited in this regard several cases which violate the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.