Sahrawi opponent tortured to death in Polisario’s D’Heibya Prison

Sahrawi opponent Brahim ould Salek Ould Breika, 30, has succumbed to torture in the infamous D’Heibya prison, located in the vicinity of Rabouni, in Algeria.

The Polisario’s unbridled torturers, who act under the orders of the Algerian military intelligence services, continue to sow, in total impunity, fear and terror among the Sahrawi civilians sequestrated against their will in the Tindouf open-air concentration camps.

They are notoriously known for the Nazi torture methods they use against Sahrawi opponents and dissidents, imprisoned without trial in the macabre prisons scattered across the Algerian desert.

In recordings relayed by many media, a relative of Brahim ould Salek Ould Breika recounts that after his assassination by the so-called “gendarmes” of the Polisario, the jailers of D’Heibya prison called his family to inform them that he hanged himself in his cell.

For this relative, this is not the first time that these executioners murder their prisoners and claim that they committed suicide. In the case of Brahim, she wonders, how an inmate attached to a chair with his feet and hands tied up can manage to hang himself.

Last January, these same jailers had tortured to death Ahmed Ould Mohamed Radi, claiming that he had hanged himself with the wires of a fan, she recalled.

“How the public opinion can swallow such lies, knowing that cells in the D’heibya prison are not equipped with fans?” wondered Brahim’s relative.

Following this new murder, the Sahrawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights (ASDDH) denounced, in a statement, the barbaric torture practices that the Polisario leaders and torturers inflict to Sahrawi detainees and Moroccan prisoners of war, some of whom having been liquidated.

The ASDDH demands the opening of an independent investigation to shed light on the detention conditions in Polisario jails and on the exact circumstances of the assassination of Brahim Ould Breika.

Brahim Ould Breika was an opponent of the Polisario leadership and a very active member of the March 5 movement and of the youth for change movement in the Tindouf camps, the association said.