Algiers has never been so destabilized as it was by the EU-Morocco summit of Grenada

The recent summit, held in Grenada, between the European Union and Morocco has indeed shaken the Polisario officials and their Algerian advisors. The excitement of Algiers accomplices to try to torpedo this unprecedented summit reflects the utter disarray getting hold of the Polisario and the Algerian military intelligence system. Offended by their unsuccessful schemes, Algiers and its Polisario auxiliaries are trying now to use the human rights card. They try to make believe via propaganda that the Southern provinces of Morocco are put to fire and sword. The media compete, upon order, using propaganda to validate an imaginary repression of the Moroccan security forces.
But in fact, behind all this excitement, it is not only the EU-Morocco summit, the first of its kind between Europe and a South neighbour, which annoys Algiers and the Polisario.

Other good points that are marked by the Kingdom irritate to the highest extent the Algerian military hierarchy, the real power holder in Algiers. The same applies to the progress achieved by Morocco in terms of human rights. The Kingdom has not only succeeded in serenely reconciling with its past, but it has gone beyond that in terms of reform, by adopting an audacious family code, which represents a pioneer experience in the Arab world.
Moreover, the gigantic works for development that are being carried out almost throughout the Kingdom (Tangier-Med port, motorway network, solar energy project, etc) do not reassure our East neighbour.
Finally, the diplomatic successes achieved by Morocco not only towards the European Union, but also with the African continent where the Kingdom is more and more present (telecommunication, banks, air transport…), widely explain this obstinate resentment of Algiers and its Polisario substitutes.