Many hopeless Sahrawis seek to rally Morocco 

More and more Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps are increasingly convinced that their future is in Morocco and not in the Algerian desert under the tutelage of the Polisario Front’s mercenaries.

These people, called “Sahrawi refugees”, are forcibly sequestrated in the Tindouf camps by Polisario armed militias, under the watchful eye of the Algerian civil and military authorities. At present, all they are waiting for is an opportunity to flee this open sky concentration center.

Barely a week after a military cadre of the Polisario armed militias, named Salamu El Mustapha Bel-Lal Ahdafa, fled the camps and rallied Morocco aboard a military jeep, this Tuesday, twelve other members of the Front followed suit.

On March 18, Salamu El Mustapha Bel-Lal Ahdafa, 29, got in touch with a unit of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) at the defense line in the area of Farcia (Oued Draa region) wherefrom he was transferred to Guelmim to be questioned about his intentions and motivations.

According to the Moroccan website “”, the twelve fugitives showed up at the Sahara defense wall on the side of Mahbess and approached a unit of the FAR, chanting cheers to the address of King Mohammed VI.

 The twelve repentant separatists were allowed access to the national territory where they are being cared for in line with the usual procedures in such cases, the website added.

In view of the popular uprising shaking Algeria and calling for regime change, and in view of the bitter and repeated diplomatic defeats suffered by the Polisario, a climate of uncertainty prevails in the Tindouf camps where the Sahrawi populations are tired of the separatists’ empty promises.