Africa Futsal Cup 2020: FIFA Disavows Algiers & Pretoria; Recognizes Laayoune as Moroccan

Algeria and South Africa, which blindly support the Polisario in the Western Sahara issue, were dealt a blow by FIFA, which has just endorsed the decision of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to organize the Fustal African Cup of Nations 2020 in the city of Laayoune, the capital of Moroccan Sahara, despite the opposition of Algiers and Pretoria.

In its official tweet, the international football governing body confirmed  on Sunday, January 26, the holding of the 2020 African Cup of Nations futsal tournament in “Moroccan Laayoune, from January 28 to February 7”, with the participation of eight African teams.

CAF had entrusted Morocco with the organization of this African indoor football competition in the city of Laayoune, irking the Algerians and their South African allies who could not accept the move and decided simply to boycott the sporting event.

CAF, through its first vice-president, Constant Omari, defended its stand, explaining that “Morocco has fulfilled the requirements” for hosting such an event.

The Algerian team was eliminated by the South Africans, but the latter decided not to participate in the Laayoune African Fustal cup in solidarity with the polisario separatist movement.

CAF replaced South Africa with Mauritius and decided to keep the tournament in Laayoune.

The Algerian football federation sent, in vain, a letter to the president of CAF, Ahmad Ahmad in which it “denounces and opposes the holding of the Futsal African Cup of Nations 2020 by Morocco in the city of Laayoune”, but CAF has refused to relocate the competition, dealing another hard blow to the Algerian leaders who often seek to impose their law when it comes to Morocco, its Sahara or its territorial integrity.

After CAF’s decision, FIFA has twisted the knife a little deeper into the wounds of the Algerian and South African leaders and their Polisario puppet, which started the year 2020 with a series of setbacks.