New Polisario scandal: Military exploitation of children in Tindouf camps

At least 80 Sahrawi children were squeezed by Polisario leaders into military trucks and transported, in intense heat, to a minefield, in defiance of all security conditions and in violation of international conventions for the protection of children.

For a whole day, the children were confronted with all kinds of dangers, moving between mines, cluster bombs and dangerous weapons, in addition to being in direct contact with soldiers, a scene that contradicts all the meanings of childhood and innocence.

The Polisario Front is notorious for enlisting child soldiers. According to the families sequestered in the Tindouf camps on Algerian territory, the Polisario thus seeks to justify the huge sums of money it receives from certain foreign organizations and families as part of the holiday program for children.

As part of this program, the Polisario front sent Sahrawi children to Spanish families in exchange for money.

At present, given the inability of Sahrawi children to travel due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Polisario leaders, in an attempt to justify the use of funds already received, created “an alternative program”, which actually consists in many intensive activities that exhaust children, including military activities.

These activities include the handling of weapons, mines and bombs, practices that are prohibited by international conventions for the protection of children.