US Senator commends Moroccan Sahara initiative

An American Senator  hailed the Moroccan proposal

"Morocco has demonstrated its willingness to work towards the resolution of the Western Sahara dispute by crafting a proposal for autonomy for the region," said, Friday in a communiqué, Senator Norm Coleman, who is also a senior member in the Senatorial sub-committee on Near East and Central and South Asia.
    The presentation of this proposal to the UNO represents a good faith effort to initiate a dialogue with the other party,"he noted, stressing his support for "constructive efforts aiming to solve the issue" and for "a negotiated agreement" that would "lead to peace and stability in the region."    In the same vein, the US daily the Washington Times described the Moroccan proposal as "the first, and to date the only, proposed framework for a political solution from which the two sides can craft a final agreement."    The daily called the international community upon compelling “the Polisario to come to the table and discuss a political solution for the Western Sahara,” stressing that “a firm line is required. The United States can make clear to the Polisario that if it cares for the Sahrawi people, it needs to begin serious negotiations.” The United States described last Wednesday as “serious and credible” the Moroccan initiative to grant an autonomy status for the Sahara.Morocco’s initiative, dubbed  “Moroccan Initiative for negotiation towards an autonomy status for the Sahara region,” aims to solve the three decade-old dispute with the separatist Polisario movement over the Sahara. The former Spanish colony was ceded by Spain to Morocco in 1975 under the Madrid Accords. It is due to be discussed by the UN Security Council on April 20.