Autonomy Plan is Best Solution to Sahara Issue (Kenyan Vice-President)

Kenya’s vice-president William Ruto has said that the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty in the southern provinces “is the best solution to the Sahara issue”.

“I declare as Vice-President of Kenya that the Autonomy Plan under Moroccan sovereignty is the best solution to the Sahara issue “, said Ruto, who was received by the ambassador of Morocco to Kenya, El Mokhtar Ghambou, Tuesday evening in Nairobi.

The vice-president of Kenya, who is a candidate for the presidential election of 2022, also affirmed that “the representation of the Polisario in Nairobi makes no sense”.

According to Mr. Ruto, “the conflict over the Sahara is only an excuse to allow Algeria to continue squandering the wealth of its people on lost causes”, adding that “the creation of a separatist state in South of Morocco is only a fantasy nourished by those who do not like peace, unity and prosperity for African countries”.

The vice-president of Kenya stressed that his country “must never shy away from its neutrality and must, on the contrary, work directly with the UN to support the peace process regarding the Sahara issue”.

Regarding the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), Mr. Ruto said that “instead of causing unnecessary conflicts and divisions within the African Union, this pan-African body must ensure that the territorial integrity of the 54 members is respected according to the AU charter which prohibits interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries”.

He also stressed that Morocco, which he wishes to visit as soon as possible, “is an economic model in Africa and that all African countries are called upon to be inspired by it”.

In this regard, he called on investors and businessmen from Morocco to come and invest in Kenya.

For his part, Ghambou stressed that Morocco was disappointed by the position taken by Kenya at the last PSC of the AU, adding that this position of the central government “goes against that expressed by several governors of counties and some senior officials of Kenya. The latter, he added, expressed their surprise at this unconditional support from Kenya to Algeria and called on the government to support the peace process led under the aegis of the United Nations to achieve a solution to the Sahara issue”.

He also highlighted the several business opportunities offered by Morocco and Kenya, adding that the two countries, which are leaders in their respective regions, have a lot to gain if they pool their efforts and take advantage of their potentials.

He recalled, in this context, the projects already initiated or under negotiation between the two countries, in particular the commitment of the OCP group to support the agriculture sector in Kenya, the intention of Marchica Med to invest in Lamu Island, political and economic partnerships between the regions of Morocco and the counties of Kenya.