Spanish Journalist Denounces Inhuman Living Conditions in Tindouf Camps

Spanish journalist Patricia Medjidi Juez denounced, on Tuesday, the inhuman living conditions and the ordeal endured by the populations held captive in the Tindouf camps, on the Algerian territory, stressing that the leaders of the «polisario» are involved in the embezzlement of humanitarian aid intended for these populations.

The journalist, who was speaking on the sidelines of a conference held in Agadir on the theme: «the Moroccan Sahara: historical and political geneses of the artificial conflict and the way for the solution», stressed that the leaders of the Polisario do not want a settlement of the conflict over the Sahara.

She said that she noticed, during a visit to the Tindouf camps, that the population in the camps do not benefit from international humanitarian aid and are suffering from famine.

This aid is being embezzled by the leaders of the «polisario» to finance personal affairs including the acquisition of housing abroad, she said.

Patricia Madjidi Juez, who contributed to the making of a documentary film entitled «From Tindouf to Laâyoune, the road to dignity», noted that her stay in Tindouf and in the southern provinces of Morocco enabled her to see the great difference that exists in terms of the living conditions of the populations.

The inhabitants of the southern provinces of Morocco lead a dignified life, work and live like any other citizen of the world, at a time when the populations of Tindouf are facing severe hardships, all kinds of deprivation, famine and absolute poverty.

The journalist noted that Polisario leaders do not want to join efforts to find a solution to the dispute over the Sahara because such a settlement will not serve their personal interests.

Solving the problem will only end the privileges they enjoy, including the embezzlement of humanitarian aid and the huge sums of money they receive from international NGOs, especially Spain, she said.

«I think this situation should be denounced clearly and categorically. The Polisario only cares about its own interests. I think the international community is already aware of this situation,» she said, underlining that the opening of consulates by foreign countries in the southern provinces of Morocco is a message to the Polisario and constitutes a call to support Morocco’s efforts aimed at finding a lasting solution to this conflict.

The journalist also blasted over the allegations by the «Polisario» separatists about the human rights situation in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.