Hosting of So-called Brahim Ghali by Madrid, a ‘Global Ridicule’ – Spanish Political Analyst –

The hosting by Spain of the leader of the “polisario” separatist militias, the so-called Brahim Ghali, is a “global ridicule” that puts the Iberian government in a difficult situation, underlines the Spanish political analyst Eduardo Inda. In a “senseless” and “amateurish” approach, the Spanish government has not measured the consequences of “hosting” the leader of the polisario, “a genocidaire and rapist”, says Inda, former director of the dailies El Mundo and Marca, in an article published Saturday by “La Razon” paper. Before taking such a decision, the coalition executive led by the socialist Pedro Sanchez had to make its calculations and seriously think that this attitude “will have consequences”. “This is a geostrategic mistake,” he insisted, stressing the importance for Spain to maintain good relations with Morocco. “It is clear to all governments of the democracy that Morocco is an important country for Spain, perhaps the most important,” said Inda, criticizing the decision of his country to host a convict at the expense of its relations with Morocco. This crisis “is costing us dearly”, concludes the Spanish political analyst.