Conclusions of General Report of CSMD Highly Commended by Political Parties – Statements –

Leaders of political parties have highly welcomed the conclusions of the general report of the Ad-hoc Committee on the Development Model (CSMD), whose presentation ceremony was chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Tuesday at the Fez Royal Palace. In statements to the press, after the audience granted by HM the King to Chakib Benmoussa, chairman of this Committee, who handed the Sovereign a copy of the report, the Secretaries General and presidents of these parties commended the conclusions of this report, which highlights a range of perceptions, proposals and recommendations on priority areas at the level of renewal of the national development model. President of the National Rally of Independents (RNI), Aziz Akhannouch, said that Moroccans “will identify with the content of this report, through the perceptions, perspectives and pillars that it contains”, because this document “reflects the vision of the future of citizens and how to restore confidence in institutions”. Secretary General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), Abdellatif Ouahbi, said that the report presented by the CSMD chairman contains a set of guidelines, perceptions and ideas that show the ability of this Committee to understand the socio-economic situation and to listen to all political parties. For his part, Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party (PI), Nizar Baraka said that the presentation of the conclusions of this report to HM the King “is an opportunity to emphasize the need to make a break and achieve structural reforms to restore the confidence of citizens and transcend the problem of social disparities”. Secretary General of the Popular Movement (MP), Mohand Laenser, said that the report of the CSMD opens promising prospects for the new development model, in that it promotes a powerful State, sustainable territorial spaces, digitization, high quality training and the human element. In the same vein, Driss Lachgar, first secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, explained that “this report will be the subject of exchanges and discussions between party members and citizens,” calling for the opening of a national dialogue on its conclusions. Secretary General of the Constitutional Union (UC), Mohamed Sajid, said that the new development model is “the result of a tremendous work done by the CSMD with the contribution of all national actors, taking into account the expectations of all components of Moroccan society, stressing that this model is also an action plan for the years to come to meet the challenges of progress” that faces Morocco. For the Secretary General of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS), Mohamed Nabil Benabdellah, the report presented to HM the King includes fundamental aspects of development related to new economic objectives, the social force necessary for the cohesion of society and the opening to new energies and spaces. For her part, Secretary General of the United Socialist Party (PSU), Nabila Mounib said that this important project “must be submitted to a broad democratic debate and dialogue in our country, because, according to her, we live in a delicate phase” marked by a global economic recession, an environmental crisis and social imbalances. “While we are a few months away from the elections, the political parties should be inspired by the conclusions of this report and implement its contents, especially with regard to the social aspect,” said Secretary General of the Democratic and Social Movement (MDS), Abdessamad Archane, noting that for his party, “this report, to which the various political parties have contributed, is a roadmap to which we must adapt our programs with a view to serving the Moroccan citizen”. Secretary General of the Unity and Democracy party, Ahmed Fitri welcomed the content of the report, recalling that his party had submitted an “important” memorandum to the CSMD, focusing on the need to reduce social disparities and pay more attention to the concerns of the population in terms of education, health and employment to build a prosperous future for the country. A vision shared by Secretary General of the Moroccan Green Party, Mohamed Fares, who stressed that his party considers that the new development model “will place Morocco at the same level of developed countries and will have benefits on the economic, social, cultural, environmental and sustainable development aspects.