UN: Antigua and Barbuda Expresses Support for Compromise-based Political Solution to Sahara issue

Antigua and Barbuda on Monday expressed, before the Committee of 24 of the UN General Assembly, its support for a compromise-based political solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue within the framework of the political process led under the exclusive auspices of the United Nations. “My country supports the ongoing political process, conducted under the exclusive auspices of the Secretary General of the United Nations, aimed at achieving a realistic, pragmatic, lasting and compromise-based political solution to the regional dispute over the Sahara, in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council, in particular Resolution 2548, adopted on October 30, 2020,” said the Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the UN, Walton Webson. He also said that his country encourages the impetus given to the political process by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in particular by the convening of two Round Tables in Geneva which brought together Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and “the Polisario “. “We would like to remind all parties that the aim of the political process is to achieve a pragmatic and lasting solution that will address the concerns of all with openness. Such a process should be shaped from a compromise-based process,” he added. The diplomat underlined that “a political solution to this long-standing dispute and enhanced cooperation between the Member States of the Arab Maghreb Union would contribute to stability and security in the Sahel region “. “Antigua and Barbuda calls on all parties to continue to demonstrate political will and to work in an atmosphere that promotes continuous dialogue in order to reach a political solution to this dispute,” he pointed out. Webson also congratulated the government of Morocco “for its achievements in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular its vaccination program in the Sahara region”.