C24: Saint Lucia Expresses Support for Moroccan Autonomy Initiative in Sahara

Saint Lucia has expressed, before the United Nations C-24, its support for the autonomy initiative as a “solution of compromise” to the Moroccan Sahara issue. The Moroccan autonomy initiative is “in accordance with international law, the UN Charter and the resolutions of the Security Council and of the General Assembly”, said the Permanent Representative of Saint Lucia to UN, Ambassador Cosmos Richardson, before the C-24 session held in New York (June 14-25). “We also welcome the progress made in the socio-economic development in the Sahara recently thanks to the initiatives of the Kingdom of Morocco, in particular the new Development Model which is focused on the human capital, as well as the emphasis placed on promotion and protection of human rights”, underlined the ambassador. The delegation of Saint Lucia also noted the “change in dynamics on the ground”, noting that in addition to the recent recognition by the United States of America of Morocco’s full sovereignty over its Sahara, a growing number of countries have inaugurated Consulates in the Sahara region. He underlined in this regard the potential for economic and social development of these provinces, for the benefit of the population of the Sahara. Richardson also insisted on the importance of preserving peace in the region, while welcoming the peaceful intervention of Morocco which allowed the restoration of free movement at the level of the Guerguerate crossing, following its blocking in November 2020 by the armed militias of the Polisario.