Moroccan Diplomacy under Royal Impulse Brings to Top Defense of Kingdom’s Interests – Expert –

Moroccan diplomacy, under the impetus of HM King Mohammed VI, brings to the top the defense of the interests of Morocco and Moroccans, underlines the political scientist, Mustapha Tossa. In an analysis published Thursday, the editorialist dissects the scope, trajectory and strong messages of Moroccan diplomacy. “Whoever carefully examines the actions of Moroccan diplomacy inspired by HM King Mohammed VI, since the beginning of the crisis with Spain, can only note the original forms of fulgurance that appear in the choices of Morocco,” writes Mustapha Tossa in this analysis published on the website Atlasinfo. “Anyone who tries to decode the messages, scope and trajectories can only see the effects of a diplomacy in motion, militant with an objective: to bring to the summits the defense of the interests of Morocco and Moroccans, “he stressed. “Unexpected, surprising, with real accelerations and constructive breaks, but all housed in a great coherence, inspired by a state intelligence that marks the difference,” he notes, affirming that “since the beginning of the crisis with Spain, Moroccan diplomacy has put on an unprecedented battle dress, made of determination, restraint on a background of unsinkable convictions”. According to the political scientist, “this crisis has given rise to new reflexes and installed new approaches whose scope will profoundly change neighborhood relations”.