Tan-Tan: 35 Sub-Saharan Migrants Rescued

Services of the Delegation of Maritime Fisheries at Tan-Tan port, in close coordination with the Royal Navy have rescued, Sunday, 35 would-be immigrants, including two pregnant women and two children, all from sub-Saharan African countries. The individuals, including 13 women, were aboard a dinghy in difficulty on the coast of Tan-Tan, the delegate of Maritime Fisheries, Fonoun Youssef told MAP. The services of the delegation were informed on Saturday at two o’clock in the morning, that several people were in danger, located at a distance of 28 nautical miles west of the port of Tan-Tan. The rescue ship “Assa” was immediately dispatched, while the Royal Navy coast guard was able to provide the necessary assistance to rescue all these would-be immigrants, sweep the area and provide full assistance during the rescue and evacuation operation, Fonoun explained. After coordination with the Royal Navy and all relevant authorities and with the use of the fishing boat “Mouflih”, these people were rescued and evacuated to the port of Tan-Tan, he noted.