Africa Tests Efficiency of Multilateralism – FM –

The African continent is a relevant criterion to assess the efficiency of the multilateral system, in other words the barometer of its performance and effectiveness, said Tuesday, minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita. “The multilateral system should (…) be judged on its ability to meet the needs of developing countries, especially in Africa,” said Bourita, who was speaking at the meeting of G20 Foreign ministers held in Matera (Italy), under the theme: “Multilateralism and global governance to fight the pandemic and rebuild better”. “Multilateralism remains our best hope, provided we know how to transform it,” he stressed. According to him, the current pandemic context, three areas in particular offer a concrete picture of what multilateralism is not, and what it should be: health, international trade and sustainable development. For health, he said, WHO must have the capacity to be proactive and to be a recognized and undisputed normative authority. “It should be backed by a global capacity to monitor and forecast epidemics, enabling the organization to be the catalyst for a new, more inclusive and equitable global health order,” he said. Secondly, the multilateral trading system should promote freer and fairer trade and help reverse the marginalization of developing countries. “For example, it should help developing countries make a successful green and digital transition,” he said. Finally, he noted, a systemic change in financing is needed to achieve sustainable development. “In particular, there is a need for strong political will to move towards fair, adequate and predictable access to finance for developing countries,” he noted.