COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing: Morocco’s Leadership, a New Sign of African Solidarity – Paraguayan Analyst –

Morocco, which is consolidating its leadership in the health sector, seeks to enable African countries benefit from it as a new mark of solidarity towards these nations, said Paraguayan political analyst Ignacio Martinez. Commenting on the launch by HM King Mohammed VI of the project to manufacture in Morocco the Covid19 vaccine as well as other vaccines, the Paraguayan expert noted that the Kingdom is moving towards self-sufficiency in the sector, which will turn Morocco into a continental and global biotechnology platform. He highlighted the importance of this large-scale project, which aims, in the short-term, to produce 5 million doses of Covid19 vaccine per month for a total investment of about 500 million dollars. Cooperation between Morocco and China in this field which is the continuation of the phone call between HM King Mohammed VI and the Chinese President on August 31st, 2020 will also contribute to strengthen the fight against the pandemic, he added. “This public-private partnership consolidates the Kingdom’s health sovereignty and reinforces its position as an international provider of health security in the region and the continent,” the expert underlined. “The signing of the agreements on the fill-finish manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines can only be welcomed. It is a strategic step that enshrines the leadership of Morocco in Africa and its international position in this field,” he concluded.