“LISTEN TO US!” Call By Moroccans on Those who Accuse Morocco of Espionage without Shadow of Proof

Moroccans from various walks of life launched, on Thursday, a call on those who accuse the Kingdom of espionage, without the shadow of the beginning of a proof, in which they ask them to listen to them and not to speak on their behalf. “LISTEN TO US!” was signed so far by about twenty “Moroccans of all faiths, Moroccans from around the world, Moroccans at heart, from everyday life … the little ones for you, the BIG ones for our Country”. “To all of you who accuse our Country – without the shadow of the beginning of a proof- of spying on you, – we are carrying out, as simple citizens, a step that you will surely not understand: WE ASK YOU TO LISTEN TO US! “, wrote this call, signed by associative and cultural actors, authors, business leaders and artists among others. “You affirm, you accuse, you denounce, … claiming to speak + for us, + but speaking for us, without us, is in fact SPEAKING AGAINST US: thus we would be hostages of a dictatorship?” , they underlined. “What contempt for us – the proud people, whom you have often found by your side to defend your democracies – are we as deprived of honor and desire for freedom (s) as you thought that we were likely to live under the yoke?” they stressed. For the signatories, the Moroccan society is always in the making, in motion, in search of the best: it is a proof of vitality, the sign of a country where young people are the majority, knowing that so many countries are sclerotic, closed and incapable of questioning themselves. “But of course, our word does not matter to you, as Moroccans, what credibility could you grant us, you who reign over major newspapers, over NGOs which dream of being powerful to the point of taking the place of the elected representatives of their own countries?” they denounced. “Perhaps you could then question your nationals who live on our soil, their opinions will undoubtedly be better than ours ?!”, they wondered. They asserted that Morocco “is ambitious, proud of its history and conqueror for its future”. “We want the best for ourselves, without forgetting our tradition, our culture of solidarity: Tunisia, Libya and Lebanon are the witnesses”. “Who benefits from the crime? Who has an interest in trying to discredit Morocco, or perhaps we should say trying to destabilize it?”, they wondered. The disrespect, the humiliation, the hogra that you inflict on us when we hear the name of our country in all the television news in your countries will take time to heal, but nothing, nor will anyone succeed in stripping us of our legitimacy, in renouncing the link which unites us to our Monarchy, to our identity,” they said. “It is not a plea, it is a call. It is our response to us – Moroccans of everyday life – humble, facing a coalition with hegemonic aims (…) can you – you who caricature our country – perceive the egotism of your approach! “, concluded the signatories of the Call.