Polish Paper Praises Morocco’s Investment Opportunities

The Polish newspaper “innpoland” praised the business climate and investment opportunities offered by Morocco. In an article devoted to the Kingdom’s economic assets published on Friday, the Polish newspaper stressed that “if the word Morocco evokes beautiful landscapes, excellent cuisine and other things that together make it an ideal destination for tourists (…) the country has also become today a leading destination for foreign investments”. Innpoland said that Morocco has managed to turn the hostility of the health crisis into a development asset as it has adapted its economic fabric and oriented its industry towards vital sectors. Considered to be the gateway to Africa, Morocco offers the perfect opportunity for Polish companies that want to establish their business in the country, according to “innpoland”. Quoting Paweł Jabłoński, Polish deputy foreign minister for Africa and the Middle East, the newspaper said that “Morocco is one of the most important countries in North Africa and a promising market for Polish companies”. In this regard, the newspaper listed the various infrastructures, tax and administrative facilities enjoyed by the Kingdom, which make of the country one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment in the southern Mediterranean region.