House of Rep. Aims to Bring Value Added to ASEAN Inter-Parlementary General Assembly Work

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (Lower House) Habib El Malki expressed, Monday, the ambition of the Lower House, in its first participation as an observer member at the 42nd session of the Inter-Parliamentary General Assembly of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (AIPA-42) to bring value added to the work of the Assembly. Speaking during a session held via video conference under the theme “developing parliamentary cooperation in digital inclusion for ASEAN 2025 community”, El Malki welcomed the House of Representatives’ status of observer member in the AIPA, the Lower House said in a statement. In this regard, El Malki expressed the House of Representative’s ambition to play an important role in bringing closer the Asian and African continent, “since the parliaments of the Assembly have gained significant experience in the field of parliamentary action, from which the House of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco can benefit.” In the context of digital revolution, the digitization of parliamentary transactions has become an essential element of inter-institutional cooperation to help connect countries and peoples by providing international governance and promoting peace, he noted, adding that it is considered an essential interface in international cooperation and the consolidation of democracy. The House of Representatives gives priority to digitization, as part of a comprehensive strategic approach to achieve digital equity, and enshrines the centrality of the voter, he explained. During the 41st session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, held in September 2020 in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, the House of Representatives was granted the status of observer member in the bodies of Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Southeast Asian Nations.