Algeria Cuts Relations with Morocco: ‘Headlong Rush’, says Chilean Media

The Algerian announcement of the rupture of diplomatic relations with Morocco is a “headlong rush” that has “outraged many international analysts”, writes the news website “El Periodista”. In an article signed by Juvenal Urízar Alfaro, professor of international relations and president of the NGO “Acción Global Sur” (global south action), the website wonders to what extent “Algerian public opinion will agree” with this headlong rush by the Algerian government, which is acting on the orders of the Chief of Staff of the Army (Chengriha). El Periodista recalls that Morocco has “categorically rejected the pretexts invoked by the Algerian authorities” to cut relations unilaterally and unjustifiably. The Chilean media emphasizes that the Kingdom, which has long been subjected to the verbal escalation of the Algerian power, has tried to manage this situation with “wisdom and moderation”. It recalls the many gestures of Morocco to relaunch seriously the promising project of regional integration, which is part of the natural course of the history of the Maghreb and its constant refusal to interfere in the internal affairs of Algeria, especially during the “black decade”. Unfortunately,” stresses El periodista, “Morocco sees with astonishment, but without surprise, the rise of radicalization and bellicose chauvinism reflected in the decisions and incoherent speeches of Algerian officials, while the political, economic and social situation of their country worsens”. The Chilean academic and lawyer urges the Algerian decision-makers to “assume political and historical responsibility for their unilateral and unjustified decision, especially before the peoples of the five Maghreb countries”. Finally, Juvenal Urízar Alfaro is convinced that Morocco, “aware of its historical responsibility and in accordance with the foundations of its foreign policy, will continue to act with serenity, brotherhood and responsibility”.